All about slopes and


Hi my name is Mr. Khan and welcome to my website. I am an 8th grade Math teacher and I teach at General D Chappie James Middle School of Science in Brownsville New York. Below is a brief overview of this website.

The purpose of this website is to let viewers learn about slopes in a fun and interactive manner. There is a real world activity that shows how slope impacts our lives.

This is a youtube page that allows viewers to explore videos about slopes. There also some useful websites that have videos and fun sloping activities.

This is an interactive activity that uses a slope slider to calculate the slopes of various lines.

Slope Webquest.
Using this webquest viewers can calculate the slope of wheelchair ramps in their neighborhood and find out if it is in legal compliance.

Teacher Guide.
Here teachers will find useful information regarding this site as well as slopes in general.

Contact Info.
Information on how I can be contacted.